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Why Our Customers Love Funguss™

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Frank C Verified Buyer

“I have had toe fungal problems for over 10 yrs, this is the only product that helps a lot. I even saw Dr. and his methods (laser, etc.) did nothing to help this fungal toe problem.”

J Ryal Verified Buyer

“I went to a new salon and switched to a new manicurist. So, I was not surprised when I got an infection. I used it for this infection. After a month, it is going!”

Gohar G Verified Buyer

“I did not have recommendation from a Dr, bought it based on reviews and it is working. Have used for about a week and once or twice a day. I see a healthy nail beginning to grow from the cuticle. Definitely would recommend.”

Therese T Verified Buyer

“I have used other over-the-counter treatments, but nothing has worked as well and quickly as this stuff. I can see the improvements already. I will need a resupply however.”

Valerie C Verified Buyer

“My nail fungus is pretty bad - 2 toe nails are affected on each foot. They are thick, black and yellow in color. The reason I decided to try this out was to avoid the prescribed medication that could damage your liver. I have been using this product for about 4 weeks now applying 1 - 2 times daily. So far I have noticed that my nails hurt less when wearing shoes. I know it will take time with how bad it is.”

Denise V Verified Buyer

“This worked on my nails. I like the scent too. One drawback is the application and getting a single drop out. However, this treatment works. I used a small bottle over 4 weeks and I see my nails becoming more healthier.”

KARI S Verified Buyer

“I highly recommend it, I can see my nails becoming healthier it’s been about 6 weeks and the fungus is gone and the color has drastically improved. I purchased another one. I believe it can help anyone else naturally!”

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Nail Fungus Solution

Unique blend of scientifically proven ingredients addressing the causes of nail fungus to stop infection, plus managing the symptoms to reduce their severity and pain.

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